How to Prepare Your Piano For Movers

For many people, moving a piano is like relocating a family. The family needs careful preparation, and you need to be organized and know what is going on. While a large piano may be difficult to move, most are manageable and quite easy to transport. Here are some details about piano movers.

studio piano movers

How big is the piano? If the piano is too large for a closet or floor plan, you will have to rent a moving truck. Movers will have to be aware of the dimensions of your piano, as well as that of your truck. They will also need to know the exact date you want the piano moved, as well as the exact location in your home. Be sure to provide pictures of your piano plans so they have an idea of how it needs to be transported.

What type of trailer is needed? This depends on how much moving is involved. Some movers may use a standard van, a flatbed truck, or even a U-hauler. You will want to find out the weight limit for the vehicle used to transport the piano. Be sure to let the movers know if your piano will be carrying anything fragile or expensive.

Are there additional charges? Some moving companies offer additional services, such as loading and unloading the piano or preparing the instrument for moving. These charges can be separate from the actual moving costs or included in the total. Do your research, and ask each company if there additional charges. You might be surprised at the added costs.

Who is handling the move? Only experienced movers will know how to transport a piano safely. They should be experienced enough to know where the best place to move the piano is, as well as how to do it safely. You will need someone experienced to lift the piano or one who can do the lifting for you. If possible, you should try to find someone who has handled a similar move before.

How are the pieces stored once the piano is moved to the new location? The piano will be put in a large locker or container. It will be kept in this container, with the doors left open. This is important for two reasons. First, it ensures the piano’s security in case of break-ins, and second, it keeps the piano from making a lot of noise during transportation.

Will all of the pieces be put together during the move? Some movers only handle one or two piano pieces at a time. Ask about the number of pieces they will be handling. Depending on the size and weight of the pieces, this number could vary. You may also have to provide the measurements of your piano so that the movers can make a proper estimate.

How long will it take for the movers to bring the piano to your new home? The longer the distance, the longer the time it will take. The easiest way to cut down on time is to let them know the length of the distance ahead of time. Make sure the movers are aware of any restrictions the studio has regarding the size and weight of the piano. If there are restrictions, the movers should inform you about these before the move.

What kind of piano do you want to move? Do you want to move it yourself, or will you hire the movers to do it? While you will save money if you hire movers to move the piano, make sure the movers are experienced and will be able to move your piano safely. Moving a piano by yourself takes skill and knowledge.

What condition does your piano need to be in before moving? Most pianos are not worth much more than they are sold for, but they must be protected from the elements. Ask Piano Movers Orlando about the moving requirements for your piano. Be sure to ask about the moving requirements for your specific situation.

Can you hold the piano while the movers load it? If yes, how much room do you have? Is there a way to put the piano under your sofa or bed without hitting it? How far is the distance between your piano’s door and the floor? You should also ask if you can bring your piano inside the studio. Movers can only bring the piano inside if they are allowed to bring the piano inside.